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Cardboard Recycling Services in Manchester with SD Waste

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Here at SD Waste Paper it is our commitment to assist our customers to recycle as much of their waste material as possible including cardboard.

As it seems the UK produces 8 million tonnes of cardboard each year for general household use and packaging this can amount to 140 large cardboard boxes to each person in the UK each year! Around 32% of the household rubbish produced each year in the UK is made up of paper and cardboard, and up to 17 trees can be saved for every tonne of cardboard that is recycled.

The environmental impact could be immense if we do not recycle and reuse cardboard. We are the experts in how to prepare cardboard to be used for recycling into other packaging products, pet bedding and even fuel. This is one of the only waste materials that can be reused as a fuel, converting waste into energy!

With our second to none collection service, large bulky cardboard can be removed from your site quickly and efficiently.

We at SD Waste are currently promoting the importance of recycling cardboard and other materials throughout the schools and colleges we collect from already to educate students and pupils on how to reduce their own carbon footprint.