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Material Handling Wagons and Machinery

Material Handling & Equipment

Here at SD Waste Paper we are proud of the fact that our range of vehicles, which we operate, can accommodate any collections needed. Our fleet of wagons include, bin wagons, curtain sided wagons, box wagons, skip wagons and wagon and drags.

With SD Waste Paper being in the paper industry for over 30 years, we have the knowledge, experience and all the equipment suitable for your needs. We supply only the very best modern and state of the art equipment. Any equipment we supply we make sure that the relevant staff are fully trained on how to use and understand it. The equipment we can supply ranges from bailing machines, extraction systems, compactor units, waste conveyors and a range of skips, We also can supply collapsible tubs, pump trucks, tipping bins, wheelie bins and hessian sacks. Any other equipment your company requires can be supplied on your request.


SD Waste Paper provides a bin wagon service. We supply you with the size of wheelie bin or bins of your choice, and all the bins provided are hard-wearing and robust. This service we provide is ideal for schools, offices, printers, solicitors and warehouses etc. Once your bin or bins have been filled we will collect and tip your waste. Our driver will be prompt and professional at all times whilst collecting your waste, at no inconvenience to yourselves.

Bin Wagon Printable Specification
SD Waste Bin Wagon Service SD Waste Collection Service SD Waste Bin Wagon Collection Service


The curtain sided vehicles that we operate are a quick and easy way of removing your waste. Once our vehicle has arrived at your premises our driver opens the curtains on his vehicle, he then loads his vehicle with your waste promptly and efficiently. All our drivers are F.L.T. Qualified, this leaves your staff to carry on with their own duties saving your company time and leaving you with no disruption.

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SD Waste Curtain Sided Wagon SD Waste Curtain Sided Trucks


The wagon and drag service is mainly for the larger companies with more than one skip on site, or one skip and stillage's on site. This vehicle enables us to change two skips at one time, or one skip and one load of stillage's or pallets. This procedure cuts down on vehicles delivering or collecting from your premises.

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SD Waste Wagon & Drag SD Waste Large Pickup Wagon & Drag Document Destruction Services






SD Waste Balers


Waste removal often is an unresolved and expensive problem. SD Waste conveyors help to solve the problem. Supplying customised conveyor systems for the removal of cut waste, for all common cutting machines. Available in different conveyor heights. High quality rustless steel frame construction with lateral waste guidance.

Cutting Machine
SD Waste Cutting Machines Cutting Machines SD Waste



Automatic Waste Removal



SD Waste Die Cutting Machines



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SD Waste Tipping Skips


We supply a large range of different sized wheelie bins starting with the smaller 2 wheeled bins, up to the larger 4 wheeled bins. On request we can supply bins with lockable lids which are ideal for your more confidential waste. The larger bins have a brake system preventing the bin from moving. Once your bin/bins are full our bin wagon service will collect your waste leaving your bin/bins always empty.

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SD Waste 360 Litre Bin SD Waste 660 Litre Bin SD Waste 770 Litre Bin SD Waste 1100 Litre Bin


The fold down stillages which we supply are a great way to keep storage to a minimum, when folded down they can be stacked safely 6 high and when the stillage is assembled they can be stacked safely 4 high, these stillages are easy for one person to assemble, they have a half hinged gate which is ideal for the printing trade. These are extremely robust and hold 820 litre. These are a popular choice with our existing customers.

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SD Waste Fold Down Stillages SD Waste Fold Down Boxes SD Waste Fold Down plastic holder



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